About Us

Founded by a practicing small animal vet and a facilitator of mental health and well-being courses, we bring both the expertise and the experience to deliver interesting, informative and high quality CPD to you in the comfort of your own home or workplace. We're a small family business and proud of the customer service and genuine quality of the training we provide to make YOU the centre of your learning, we're here to help you and that's the way professional development should be.

Griffin Professional Development was founded in 2020 by a small animal vet currently practicing in England after noticing a distinct issue with online veterinary CPD – affordable online CPD courses consist of too many self-led ‘click-through’ courses which are simply there to tick a box and get a few extra hours of CPD recorded. This tick-box exercise goes against the whole idea of continual development and that’s the gap we aim to fill. We are here to provide high quality, engaging, educational and relatable online CPD courses which won’t take up your whole CPD budget. This has formed our company ethos: quality at value.

We work with specialists, operating at the top of their field, in areas of veterinary medicine and surgery to create new certified CPD courses suitable for vets worldwide.  We are constantly working on increasing our catalogue of courses, looking at areas we feel are lacking in depth or expertise, and we always welcome any requests for topics to be covered or bespoke CPD programmes which are needed.

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Image by Cas Holmes

Our Mission

We're a small family business with a simple mission.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality CPD content, written and presented by the leading specialists within their fields at affordable prices in an accessible and flexible format. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of practice are maintained across the industry and colleagues are fully supported, both in practice and in their well-being throughout their careers. We pride ourselves for the emphasis we put on staff well-being and we work hand-in-hand with mental health practitioners, well-being experts and mindfulness coaches to make sure all colleagues have easy access to the required tools to protect themselves and their peers in one of the most pressurised and stressful industries.

To underline our ongoing commitment to quality, we have enrolled on to the Probatus Learning Accreditation Programme for which our courses have been granted the Probatus Gold Award.