Aural Haematoma

What is an aural haematoma?

When blood vessels in the ear burst there is a collection of blood which is confined between the ear cartilage and the skin. A haematoma may also be called a blood blister. 


What causes an aural haematoma to develop? 


An aural haematoma can be caused by a pet scratching, or shaking their head, or by trauma to the ear. Often there may be an underlying cause for this such as an ear infection or ear mites. 


How will the vet treat an aural haematoma? 


The best treatment plan for your pet will vary depending on the degree of swelling, pain and if it has re-filled again. 


Some aural haematomas can be managed through medication alone. Treating the underlying cause is important. 


Often haematomas will need draining, if they are causing recurrent issues then surgery may be required to place a longer lasting drain.

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This advice is for UK pets only.Written by vets. Please always seek advice from your own veterinary surgeon if you have concerns about your animal, never try to treat an animal yourself or give any medication without veterinary supervision.