• Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva. 

  • The conjunctiva is a mucus membrane layer which covers the surface of the eye when the eye is closed and creates a lining for the eye itself. 

  • Conjunctivitis can affect just one or both eyes 


If your pet has conjunctivitis the conjunctiva may appear reddened and swollen, you may also see discharge from the eyes, your pet may squint or try to rub their eyes. Always see a vet immediately if your pet displays any of these symptoms. There are many factors which can cause a pet to develop conjunctivitis and it is important you consult your veterinarian to address this cause. 


Conjunctivitis is often diagnosed when a vet has ruled out other possible causes for the clinical signs your pet is showing, this may include ruling out a corneal ulcer, injury to the eye and abnormal tear drainage. 


Your vet may prescribe eye drops to treat conjunctivitis; it is very important to follow their advice when applying the medication. 

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This advice is for UK pets only.Written by vets. Please always seek advice from your own veterinary surgeon if you have concerns about your animal, never try to treat an animal yourself or give any medication without veterinary supervision.