Kennel Cough 

  • A hacking cough is a typical sign of kennel cough, it usually lasts for 1-3 weeks 

  • Animals do not need to be in kennels to catch kennel cough, it spreads in the air, from other infected animals and on surfaces

  • Kennel cough a general term, it can be caused by various types of viruses and bacteria. 

  • Kennel cough can generally be prevented using a vaccine, although there are many strains so pets can still develop symptoms of kennel cough if they have been vaccinated 

  • Always contact your vet if you think your pet has symptoms of kennel cough 


Dogs with kennel cough generally improve without medical intervention, however in certain cases, generally in older dogs or puppies symptoms can become more serious. Always carefully monitor your pet and let your vet know if you have any concerns. 




  • Your vet may prescribe anti-inflammatories, these will help reduce upper airway inflammation caused by kennel cough and help your dog feel less need to cough. 

  • Honey can also be used to help settle coughing as it is used in people. 

  • Antibiotics may be used occasionally, the cause is generally viral so antibiotics are often not indicated, however in some cases where symptoms are more severe, they may need to be used. 


If your dog is diagnosed with kennel cough then always try to keep them away from other dogs to prevent spread and allow them to rest. 


Always contact your vet if you have any concerns.