Ringworm in dogs 

  • Ringworm is a fungal condition which is very contagious, it can affect animals and humans 

  • If you suspect you have ringworm, always contact your doctor or the NHS 

  • Ringworm is zoonotic (it can spread from animals to people)

  • If you suspect your dog or cat has ringworm, then always contact your veterinarian 


Ringworm will generally cause circular shaped areas of hair loss, there may be some dandruff and the skin may or may not be itchy. 


Ringworm can spread on surfaces and can survive in the environment for a long period of time. However, ringworm is most commonly spread by direct contact.  


Treatment will involve the use of antifungals these may in for form of

  • Topical medicated shampoo 

  • Or oral medication 


Your vet may also advise treating the house for ringworm. Treating ringworm can take weeks to months.